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The main persecution dynamic in Uganda is ‘Islamic extremism’ although there have been reports of ‘Tribal antagonism’ also. Uganda is
new on the World Watch List. The country has a 12 per cent Muslim minority, and 85 per cent Christian majority

The country has a 12 per cent Muslim minority, and 85 per cent Christian majority. MBBs are most pressurised in the Muslim dominated areas, and to a lesser degree in the areas with a sizeable number of Muslims. Local authorities in Muslim dominated areas also add pressure to the lives of Christians by not assisting them properly, by barring them from public office or denying them promotion.

The level of physical violence was low in the reporting period. Recently Uganda has, however, experienced a worrying rise in the Tabiligh Movement of Muslim Youth. Although Ugandan Muslims are spread over the whole country, they live in pockets. These are areas with majority Muslim populations and present a serious threat to the church. Open Doors Field experts report that there has been a strong push by Muslim leaders to ensure that the majority of lawyers in Uganda are Muslims.

This is significant because Muslim leaders have pushed and entrenched Islamic family courts (kadhis’ courts) in the Constitution, and have now been fighting for the operationalisation of the same. The increase in the Muslim youth population aged 10-25 receiving radical teachings is an indicator that in the next five to 10 years Christians and the church in Uganda may face severe persecution. Uganda ranks 47th on the WWL, in the category ‘Sparse Persecution’.